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+ Q: I'm thinking of selling my house. What is the first step I need to take?

A: The first step to selling your house is getting a home value estimation from a local real estate company or agent. We are happy to provide this service free of charge. Simply fill out our Home Value Estimation Form and we'll reach out to you to find a good time to meet.

+ Q: Is your Home Value Estimate really a free service?

A: Yes, we are happy to provide this for all our clients.

+ Q: What's the difference between a Home Value Estimation and an appraisal?

A: A Home Value Estimation is a service that a real estate developer provides to assess the value of a property based on comparable properties in the area and overall condition. We provide this for free. An appraisal is provided by a third-party appraisal company and generally costs $500-$1,000.

+ Q: I'm moving and need to sell my house fast. Can you get this sale done?

A: We can close a sale--completed, cash in your bank account--in seven days, including weekends. Maybe even less time, depending on your availability to work with us. What's more, we can use our relocation services and connections to help you transition smoothly into your new life, if you need the assistance. Can't wait to get started? Reach out to us today and let us know what your story is.

+ Q: Shouldn't I wait until retirement to sell my house?

A: No! If you are between the ages of 50 and 70, with grown children out of the house, looking at the prospect of retirement, then congratulations, you made it. There is no better time to get a return on your life’s investments than right now. Think hard about your wants and needs for the future--chances are the path to get there starts with the sale of your property, not your retirement party. Take the next step and see what your home is worth with our Free Home Evaluation.

+ Q: Do you offer relocation services?

A: Yes. At Direct Source Properties, we take care of our clients, and that includes relocation services. Do you want to sell your property, but you're not sure about where you would go or worried about the transition? We'll help you find a new place to call home. Learn more about relocation services here.

+ Q: Shouldn't I wait for the Housing Market to keep going up?

A: Home sale values aren't really increasing, but that's okay, because they've literally never been higher (both Brooklyn and Queens set home sale value records in 2015). If you wait, you risk losing everything if the market crashes again. It's a sellers market, and that means it's time to sell.

+ Q: I should get out from my underwater mortgage before I sell, right?

A: If you are in an underwater mortgage, you should look into selling your home immediately. Do not wait for property values to increase or to potentially refinance your loan--take real action. If you don’t sell your house, the bank will take your home away. Give yourself a fresh start, a clean financial slate, and avoid defaulting. Talk to us now about what you can do.

+ Q: I'm in pre-foreclosure. What are my options?

A: You may be able to complete a short sale that will leave you in a much better financial situation than foreclosure. An offer from a pre-qualified cash buyer like Direct Source Properties may be the best solution to get you out from under the impending foreclosure. We may also be able to make an offer even if the Notice of Trustee Sale has already been filed. We've worked with a lot of good people that were affected by the recent economic recession, and we'd like to do right by you, too. Contact us today.

+ Q: My home needs a few repairs. Should I fix them before I sell?

A: It's probably not worth it to complete any major repairs before you sell your home. Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are all old boroughs, and that means we expect to see old homes. We're also a construction company, so we'd prefer to take your property with it's problems. We can repair them for less cost than you'd be able to, and we'll be saving you months and maybe years of hassle working with a contractor. Save yourself the trouble of guessing by getting your home value estimation today.

+ Q: What major repairs are probably not worth fixing?

A: Anything over $5,000-$10,000 is definitely not worth the hassle and time for a home-owner that is going to sell anyway. Yes, your asking price will be slightly lower, but a $10,000 project will probably take a minimum of six months to complete from the time you decide to hire a contractor to the time you pay the final bill, and that's a six month window for the market to go belly up. Issues that might run up a bill of this size are boiler systems that need to be replaced, leaky roofs or pipes that have caused structural damage, and a cracked foundation that needs to be lifted and repaired.

+ Q: I inherited a home that I'm not interested in managing/maintaining. Do I have to do anything differently before I go to sell it?

A: If you inherited a house, it's yours, and the selling process begins the same way as it does with any other piece of property getting your free Home Value Estimation.

+ Q: Isn't it more lucrative to rent my home out, rather than sell it?

A: Almost definitely not. Based on current market rates and values, the average home in Brooklyn rents for just over $3000/mo., and sells for $700,000 (Queens is comparable). Based on those rates, it would take 19.7 years to generate as much money renting as a one-time sale--and that's not including upkeep and management fees. That's also imagining that the market holds steady and doesn't crash--which is essentially a given some time in the next twenty years. The moral of the story? Unless you're planning on being a full-time landlord and repairman for the next thirty years, it's a much better decision just to sell.

+ Q: I'm separating with my spouse. How do we go about selling our jointly-owned property?

A: Divorce is tough, for everyone involved. Sometimes, the best case scenario is just for everything to be over. We have experience mediating difficult situations like this and our goal is always that the transaction moves as quickly, cleanly and amicably as possible. For more information on how we would treat your case, call us today: (516) 737-1600.


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